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  • Improved Outcomes
  • Reduced Adverse Events
  • Increased Staff Efficiency
  • Lower Costs
  • Decreased Procedure time

We are in business to bring new technology to the Urology Surgeon. Our goals are not driven by quarterly expectations of growth or large overhead expenses. We look for andthrive in the development of devices that lower costs and improve productivity in the operating room. Our goals are aligned with yours; projects - large or small - can be brought to market as long as they improve care.



Our guiding principle is to drive productivity in the Operating Room. If your idea matches to our objectives and you are ready for development, Urology International is your best partner.

New Idea Submission

Ideas submitted to Urology International must be patented and/or not include confidential or proprietary information until a non-disclosure agreement is in place between the parties. Please contact us with any questions prior to submission.


Idea Evaluation Process

All ideas submitted will be vetted thorough by our advisory board. The advisory board is a cross-functional team comprising product development, marketing and senior clinicians. The board meets once a month to review new submissions and a reply will be provided to every submission.


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